around 438 billion messages changed per day by 2019

Acompli messaging

We live in a time in which people are always more connected, and according to a study by Juniper Research, this should increase exponentially in the future, with estimates to make you dizzy.

WhatsApp "width =" 194 "height =" 233 "class =" imagenewsgaucheJuniper Research thus estimates that by 2019, 160,000 billion messages (SMS, MMS, Texts exchanged from various messaging services) will be exchanged, i.e. nearly 438 billion messages exchanged per day. And if last year, it was Mail messaging that channeled the bulk of the figures with 35,000 billion emails, 80% of them are considered spam. In addition, instant messaging is expected to resume control next year with more than 43 trillion exchanges per year.

The growth of messaging is mainly due to their free nature, as well as the democratization of the smartphone and mobile networks. WhatsApp already records more than 30 billion messages exchanged per day. In the midst of all this, the SMS is resisting mainly on the side of companies that deem it more reliable and more secure. The couriers have therefore not finished making war on each other to gather the maximum number of users.