Arlo Pro3 surveillance camera review

Arlo has been offering comprehensive and very sophisticated connected surveillance solutions for several years. The Californian manufacturer does not simply want to allow you to monitor your children or pets, its ambition is to provide security cameras that can replace an alarm.

Released in the fall, the Arlo Pro 3 is the latest model from the manufacturer, but not the best. This new connected camera is placed on the technical level between the Pro 2 which it replaces and the Ultra which is still the most high-end model from Arlo. We had the opportunity to test the Arlo Pro 2 system when it came out, what does this new generation bring?

An Arlo Pro 3 camera.

And if you have never invested in a connected camera, we will see together if the Arlo Pro 3 is right for you. It must be said that 600 the basic kit with two cameras, this product is far from being cheap. How does the manufacturer justify this high tariff? This is what we will see.