Are you sure your password is secure?

Are you sure your password is secure?

Conventional wisdom makes the lapse of long, alphanumeric passwords (in letters and in figures) and especially which are changs regularly. In fact, as many of you already know, companies require their employees to change their passwords at regular intervals for security reasons. But he knows that what we imagine to be an optimal password is not necessarily true, as some recent studies have shown. emphasized. Science can be complex, but here is a simple explanation of How to generate an untraceable password. Warning, you will have surprises!

It has become quite common for sites to evaluate the strength of your low pass. These sites like Facebook or Twitter are based on algorithms that give the highest ratings to alphanumeric passwords. But as the discoverer the developer Cameron Morris, many of these passwords supposs srs can be hacked by an amateur in less than a day. If you take an alphanumeric password like 34Lakers56 ", named after your favorite basketball, it can pass the Facebook test, but leaves you totally exposed to external aggression.

The solution?

Morris completely redesigns the concept of password strength. Instead of judging the value of a password on a relative scale, Morris has developed an analytical tool that could determine how long it would take to crack your password.

Thanks to her Passfault Analyzer (a tool that I advise you urgently to use), you will come across some rather surprising results. It turns out that my preferred password (the one I use for my mailbox mail etc) could be broken in 1 day only, while it would take several million centuries for my old wifi password which is in fact a completely stupid sentence, (voicilenouveaumotdepasse would require 65709142 centuries). Obviously, we would all like to have passwords that take at least a billion years to crack.

You probably will not like hearing that, but real good passwords must be long, very long, between 20 and 30 characters. More importantly, your password should not include words from the dictionary. Generating an encrypted alphanumeric password with no words can be really difficult to remember.

So, like a recent Carnegie-Mellon study suggest it, once you have found a password that would require years of light crack hold there! Editing it lowers your security and you can not easily hold a host of random characters every three months. After you start writing them on small pieces of paper and that's the end of everything, (think special Neville and Sirius Black). You do not manage to create an inviolable password with Passfault Analyzer ? Here is a tutorial video on how to find the perfect password and let the pirates go wild:

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