Archos Video Player: Android player becomes free

Archos Video Player: Android player becomes free

Image 1: Archos Video Player: Android player becomes free

Archos Video Player, a media Player as there are dozens on Android, is now broadcast in a free version, with advertisement. The application is doing well thanks to its support for hardware decoding, has his indexing functions and its possibilities of easily replay files locally or present on the network.

Image 2: Archos Video Player: Android player becomes freeIf the software is indeed able to play any video format stored on the smarpthone or tablet, indicate shared files network (UPnP or Samba), and the application streams them without any difficulty. Archos Video Player is also capable index movies and series, and is responsible for bringing back as much information as possible from IMDB. Movie poster or cover of the series, summary of the episode, but also download subtitles when these are available: this is how the application stands out from its competitors. Everything is encapsulated in a pleasant and understandable interface in a few seconds… In short, here is one of the best multimedia players for Android, preceded by a very short header from MX Player, the new version of XBMC. And it is a very good thing to see this application distributed in a free edition (the paid edition is always available and frees itself from advertising).

Image 3: Archos Video Player: Android player becomes freeAdmittedly, the reader “theoretically” requires a paid codec pack, but a little trick nevertheless allows to get rid of this purchase. The application Archos Video All Codecs Plugin offers the possibility of reading files AC3 or MPEG-2 without having to pay a single penny. As we are entitled to doubt the legal aspect of the application in question, hurry to download it before it disappears if the pack interests you. Note also that Archos continues to officially market its own codec pack (5 €).

Download Archos Video Player Free for Android.