Arcep: 30 proposals to improve ISPs and operators

Fiber at 1Gbit / s: Free gets slapped on the fingers by Arcep

Image 1: Arcep: 30 proposals to improve ISPs and operators

Arcep and its president Jean-Ludovic Silicani aim to make the Authority a lever acting in favor of consumers in the telecommunications sector. For this, the organization has just presented 30 proposals to improve the offers made to consumers, via a document available in PDF format. Without repeating all the points mentioned, here are the main ideas:

– Transparency of telecommunications offers: definition of information transparency (mobile telephony or Internet), provision of a tool to know the speed associated with an offer, confirmation to the consumer at each new engagement and precise terms on registration in the universal directory.

– Fluidity of the markets: actual termination costs, generalization of offers without obligation, facilitating the unlocking of mobile terminals.

– Quality and availability of services: better comparability of quality of service indicators, monitoring of traffic management implemented by operators.

Finally, Arcep wants increased access to electronic communications services for people with disabilities.