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Aptoide is probably one of the most complete alternative stores to the Google Play Store. Thanks to an intuitive and easy to understand interface, it will allow you to download all the applications of your choice in a few seconds. However, beware of certain malicious applications that may be found there.

What to do with Aptoide?

Aptoide is an alternative store on Android for downloading applications. It’s an independent Play Store, giving you access to millions of apps with just a few clicks from your phone. It has become the independent benchmark after many years of development. What is it really worth and what are its benefits? We explain everything about this interesting solution to bypass the Google Play Store.

What is an alternative awning and what is its interest?

An alternative store is a place where you can find many applications of your choice to download, without going through the one integrated by default on your device. It allows you to find applications that are not available in your area, for example, and this also has the advantage of not going through Google services.

A reliable blind?

A few years ago, Google had spoken about Aptoide stating that this could represent a danger for the user. However, the team behind this store has endeavored to set up automatic checks on the available applications. Today, there is a real sorting done to make sure that the applications do not contain any malware for the users. In addition, reliable applications are indicated by a small green badge. Be careful all the same during your downloads.

How to download and install Aptoide?

To be able to take advantage ofAptoide, you have to go to the official website from your smartphone. You will then need to download the store in APK format and install it on your Android device. Rest assured, it is very easy and it is done in just a few seconds. Then, you will be able to access the Aptoide store and take advantage of all the applications available. Note that it is not necessary to create an account and log in to be able to download.

Aptoide: a store based on deposits

Aptoide is an application that does not actually host the applications available for download. Clearly, there are what are called “deposits” (or rests). These are external stores that contain applications and you can from Aptoide subscribe to these. Once you have subscribed, all the applications are added to your interface and you can download them.

Classic community features

Regarding the functionality of a classic app store, Aptoide responds there again. You can leave comments and opinions on the applications, as well as consult those of other users. Only small problem obviously: these opinions are much less numerous. However, pay attention to these, especially if the applications come from unknown external stores.

AppCoins: the blockchain at the heart of Aptoide

In addition to being a store very supplied thanks to many deposits,Aptoide is also betting on the Blockchain. To compensate developers and also have more traceability on the side of applications for more security. To earn “AppCoins”, you can also download sponsored applications and then with these “coins”, you can buy In-App content or applications.

Aptoide compatible with Android TV

Another advantage of using Aptoide: the store is compatible with Android TV. Once installed on your device, you will no longer be limited to applications for your television. Clearly, you can completely install applications in theory that are not compatible (at least not optimized) but that will still work.

A problem persists: that of the updates

There are many repositories with sometimes very different versions of the applications. So, Aptoide will constantly notify you of new updates that are not available. Indeed, for example some applications are offered in non-stable version (beta or alpha) and are therefore in a “more advanced” version but this is not a real update. However, you are told that your applications need to be updated. In this case, it is better to trust the Play Store if you have it on your device.

So you will understand, Aptoide is today a reliable and serious alternative to the Google Play Store. It is simply the best alternative store that exists today. Being able to add new sources also enriches the content available, allowing it to be very complete today. In addition, with its intuitive interface and renewed in recent months, it is a real pleasure to navigate this application store. We advise you to try, after all: it’s free!