Aptera Motors unveils an electric car that recharges itself

Aptera Motors has just lifted the veil on an astonishing electric car that recharges itself. Powered by solar energy, this vehicle does not need to be regularly connected to a charging station to operate. The start-up will market its creation at a starting price of $ 25,000.

aptera motors solar electric car never recharge

On December 4, 2020, Aptera Motors, an American start-up based in San Diego, unveiled the first solar electric vehicle. The vehicle operates only with the rays generated by the sun. You will therefore not need to connect the Aptera car to a charging station or to an electric vehicle service station. The company called this solar charging technology “Never Charge”.

“With Aptera’s Never Charge technology, you are propelled by the power of the sun. Our integrated solar panel keeps your battery at peak wherever you want to go ” says Chris Anthony, co-founder of the start-up, founded in 2005. This solar panel features 180 photovoltaic cells and covers a total area of ​​3 square meters. With recharging, the battery integrated in the car offers a range of 1600 km. It is “The first vehicle capable of meeting most daily driving needs using only solar energy”, says Aptera in its press release.

A starting price of $ 25,000 for Aptera’s solar electric car

In addition to its infinite range, the car is also distinguished by solid performance. She is able to pass 0-100 km in 3.5 seconds thanks to “Efficient powertrains” and cooled by a liquid cooling system. The car offers a top speed of 177 km / h. On the design side, the Californian firm opts for an aerodynamic design recycled from an Aptera hybrid car launched in 2011. It stands out from the competition by its three-wheel design. Aptera used materials that are light and twice as strong as steel.

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The start-up will start production of the solar electric car in the course of next year. Aptera will market the vehicle between $ 25,900 and $ 46,900 depending on the options chosen. Pre-orders are already open in the United States.