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Apply these 5 tips to charge your phone or tablet faster

Photo by Bartek Mazurek on Unsplash

The autonomy of smartphones has always been one of the most important features for users.

So, as soon as the battery drains in a few hours and it is slow to recharge, the situation becomes frustrating.

There are several things that prevent your phone from filling up on energy at accelerated speed. The problem can come from your device, your cable or the place where you connect it. In addition, the chargers do not have the same output power either.

Nowadays, many smartphones are compatible with the Quick Charge 4+ standard, capable of increasing your battery by up to 50% in just 15 minutes. This Qualcomm technology is integrated into devices fitted with a recent Snapdragon processor, but it is not limited to the new flagships of the telephone industry. Nanmois, they are not all dowry.

In this article, we give you 5 tips to help you deal with this problem and charge your smartphone in just a few minutes.

Image: Micha Jamro Pixabay

Use an original charger

To guarantee a bicycle recharge, the first thing to do is to use your cable and original plug, or at least certified, included with your smartphone when purchased.

Each manufacturer guarantees the standards it uses and offers characteristics that are different from those of its competitors.

Therefore, it is, for example, not recommended to connect a Samsung charger to a Motorola.

Note, however, that your device will only consume the power it needs.

Prefer the wall outlet to the USB port

A phone charges more slowly when connected to a computer's USB port than through an AC adapter.

And for good reason, while the USB port of a PC displays a power of 2.5W for USB 1.0 / 2.0 and 4.5W for the USB 3.0 standard, the standard charger claims, at least 5W.

Use a tablet charger

To great ills the great remedies!

One of the best ways to offer fast charging to your Android, or iOS, is to charge it using a diPad transformer or tablet.

Indeed, their battery being clearly very imposing, their chargers are therefore more powerful.

Put your smartphone in airplane mode

To make the most of your side, activate the airplane mode on your phone.

This allows you to reduce the use of certain energy-consuming applications and to cut all network connections and not to draw on your data.

By disabling all the Internet features of your device, it will slow down its consumption. To do this, follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone, go to Rglages.
  • Tap on the cursor Airplane mode to activate it.


  • On your Android, go to settings.
  • Slectionnez Wi-Fi and Internet.
  • Tap on the cursor Airplane mode to activate it.

If this solution seems too radical to you, then simply disconnect your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Turn off your smartphone

Turning off your phone is the best way to save energy quickly. In this way, you do not risk using overly greedy applications while it is charging.

Despite its effectiveness, this tip is not very popular because it requires leaving your device on the side … you define your priorities …

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