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Applications are not in full swing on note 10 – How to fix it

Applications are not in full swing on note 10 - How to fix it

Sometimes flagship smartphones have software problems. These problems can be resolved with simple troubleshooting. In this tutorial, we will show you what to do when the apps are not in full swing on Note 10.

If you bought a new Galaxy Note 10, you feel good with it in your hand. With 6.3 inches of screen, it looks thin and light. The Galaxy Note 10 screen is slightly smaller than the Galaxy Note 9 because the Note 9 screen size is 6.4 inches. It is a big notch in the most compact body. It may seem strange that most applications do not use the entire screen, and people may wonder if there is a technique to display all applications in full screen on Galaxy Note 10. Samsung has added a feature in the Galaxy Note 10 settings, called full screen mode. You can use this feature for applications that cannot be displayed in full screen of note 10.

Some applications are optimized for infinity display and others are not. They may not completely fill the phone screen. There are few options available for switching apps to full screen. One option is to change the scale of the running application and the other option is to enable full screen settings for other applications. Here are some useful options for fixing apps that aren't in fullscreen.

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Solution 1: change the aspect ratio on an application running

Some applications can be enlarged and pulled manually. If you are using an application and it does not fill your screen, it is easy to change the application to a full screen aspect ratio by doing the following.

  1. Tap the recent app icon
  2. Tap the icon Expand
  3. Now your application is resized

Using this parameter, you can select the applications of your choice to open in full screen mode.

Solution 2: make all applications full screen for those that do not work

This is a more advanced option which allows you to modify the aspect ratio via Parameters.

  1. To find this option, go to Applications> Settings
  2. Select display
  3. Select the Full screen applications option. You will find that you cannot configure it for certain applications. Applications with gray tint will not be configurable and support applications will be brighter in general.
  4. Find the app you want to see in full screen mode
  5. After finding the desired application, simply switch Full screen to Activ
  6. When you open this app next time, the Galaxy Note 10 system will remember your preferences and automatically display it in the new image format.

Note: If you notice that some applications do not display the full screen mode option in the settings, this means that these applications are not compatible to use the full screen option.

Badly designed apps don't have full-screen mode

If you have tried both techniques to resize the applications displayed in full screen mode but have realized that some third party applications do not have full screen mode in their programming, there is no option to enlarge them except use them as they are.