AppleStore: a connected water bottle, Lightning / Qi batteries and a GoPro

AppleStore: a connected water bottle, Lightning / Qi batteries and a GoPro

The AppleStore continues to reference new products, some are original and the store has ensured exclusive distribution.

Among the curious products, there is the water bottle connects Hidrate Spark 3 (sold 69.95). This accessory ensures that you drink enough during the day, by turning on and sending notifications to the iPhone and AppleWatch.

These drinking incentives are calculated based on the volume of water remaining in the bottle and your profile. The data is transmitted Sant as well as compatible apps. The capacity is about 600ml. This bottle exists in three versions for as many different colors when it lights up: black / red, yellow / green, white green.

In its new assortment yesterday, the AppleStore had added a battery with Lightning connectors (read AppleStore: protections for iPad and a Lightning external battery), today we have three more.

First two models signs Ubio Labs in 6000 mAh (2 possible recharges of iPhone) and 10000 mAh (3.5 recharges possible) respectively 69.95 and 89.95.

They each provide 12W, are fitted with a Lightning socket for recharging the battery and a USB-A output. Originality, an LED display indicates precisely the degree of charge remaining in the battery, instead of simple LEDs. These batteries are available in silver, pink and black.

Then a model of Mophie capable of charging three devices simultaneously. This Powerstation plus XL of 8000 mAh, sold 109.95, has a USB-A output, a Lightning cable integrated under its base (which dispenses 18W) and a surface compatible with induction charging. It exists in black, dark blue, pink and silver.

Finally, the latest news on the shelves, GoPro Max camera. But its presence on the AppleStore is nothing original, it is found at the same price or barely less on Amazon. She photographs in 5,760 x 2,880 after assembling the photos, films in 4,992 x 2,496, knows how to produce 270 panoramas and captures 360 sound with six microphones.