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Apple's value exceeds that of the entire German DAX index

After the latest results in the first quarter of 2020, Apple stocks rose 2%, which increased Apple's market capitalization more than $ 1.4 trillion.

Tim Cook - CEO of Apple

Clearly, Apple is further strengthening its place as a technology company with the highest value in the world. Indeed, only the Saudi oil company Aramco can do better.

Currently, the value of AAPL shares is around $ 312. As The Guardian points out, Cupertino's rating is higher than the 30 largest German listed companies that make up the entire DAX index in Frankfurt.

The DAX, all of these 30 German companies, is worth $ 1,360 billion and is made up of companies such as SAP (162 billion), Linde (111 billion), Siemens (108 billion) and Allianz (100 billion). .

These figures partially surprised analysts. Jim Cramer of CNBC:

I was concerned that Apple would not be able to provide us with such surprising data because it had already done so much in previous quarters. Well, now I can say that I should have given the company more confidence as I always do. Apple has posted monstrous numbers, driven by strong sales of iPhone and AirPods, as well as the continued flow of revenue from services.

Samik Chatterjee by J.P. Morgan:

Apple has pleasantly surprised investors on several fronts, but above all has largely exceeded investors' expectations on iPhone revenues, which have returned to growth with clearly positive data.

Daniel Ives of Wedbush:

Apple has announced the results of the FY1Q20 which were significantly higher than Street estimates and will be positively perceived by investors, thanks to the strong national and international growth of the iPhone. Signs of encouragement for Apple are also coming from China.