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Apple's strategy to convince companies to switch to Macs

actualit apple iphone ipad macBecause of its smaller popularity and more expensive costs, Apple computers have not always been able to find a place within companies, thus evoking devices intended for creatives and companies with big budgets.

But, in recent years, the tide has started to turn and Apple seems to be succeeding in reversing trends, by inviting itself more and more within offices.

But, then, what was the Apple strategy to get there?

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How Apple Sells Macs to Businesses

For years, when you joined a company and your tasks required the use of a computer, you could be sure that a good old Windows was going to be provided to you.

Only, Apple has managed to sell its Macs to large groups, such as IBM: more than 100,000 machines have been sold since 2016, for financial reasons since according to the ISD, Apple devices cost less in maintenance and maintenance.

One point that is one of Apple's big arguments for selling its Mac companies: Cupertino bought a study from Forrester Research to prove that over three years, the Mac is less than 628 dollars in support against its PC competitors.

Mme de bell from Aviva who, since 2012, has been making an internal change:

We wondered about the cost of the Windows license, about software insurance and about the cost of deployments. The Mac solution is cheaper despite a higher device acquisition price. We must indeed take into account the durability of the quality of the machines. "The conclusion seems clear since" finally, the Mac is cheaper to use and we earn more resale: 40% of the price of new "

The last big point of sale is none other than the Cloud, which changed the game, with the use of tools via the Internet and a security that reassures large groups.

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