Apple's confirmed AirPods wireless headphones

Apple's confirmed AirPods wireless headphones

backbeat-fit-updater ipa iphoneWe know, Apple plans to remove the port jack of its future iPhone, and we had mentioned the fact that it is not necessarily a good idea to switch to Bluetooth. In any case, the advantage of switching to Lightning would lie in the audio quality. A small advantage that most should not even perceive.

today, we have the confirmation that Apple is well behind the AirPods brand. While our colleagues at MacRumors had noticed an AirPods trademark application filed by the company "Entertainment in Flight", this company would actually be held by Apple (a technique often used to confuse the tracks).

How was it discovered that Apple was behind?

The US Patent and Trademark Office requested clarification on the trademark filing as some elements were too vague. In these exchanges, a certain Jonathan Brown quoted is in fact Brown Jonathan, an employee in the legal department of Apple. His signature is the same as that on documents from Apple!


Would you be interested in AirPods headphones with the iPhone 7?