Apple’s “black site”: premises kept secret and underpaid employees

apple campus - « Site noir » d’Apple : des locaux tenus secrets et des employés sous-payés


Posted: February 14 2019
Updated: February 13, 2019

by Steve

So what is the “black site” ofApple ? Based on information from Bloomberg, the apple brand would have, close to its famous campus of the Silicon Valley, an office building that would have nothing to do with the legendary establishment of the Californian firm … On the contrary, even there, the employees would be underpaid, would not have access to all the advantages of the campus, would face a constant threat of dismissal and would not have the right to indicate on LinkedIn that they work for Apple…

apple campus - Apple's “black site”: secret premises and underpaid employees

Apple’s “black site” would house employeesApex Systems, an outsourcing company that would be responsible for the apple brand mapping service. Some of these employees told Bloomberg that they did not have access to Apple’s gymnasium or cafeteria. They would earn 25 dollars an hour, instead of 30. The number of toilets would be insufficient and the feeling of professional insecurity would hover over them. Their sick leave has recently been cut from 48 to 24 hours a year.

Apple responded to the controversy, stating in a statement: ” As we do with other suppliers, we will work with Apex to review their management systems, including hiring and firing protocols, to ensure that the terms and conditions of employment are transparent and clearly communicated to workers on the job. ‘advanced. The question that remains unanswered is why Apple treats some of its employees differently?