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Apple’s AirPower wireless charger to go into production

According to a source judged “credible”, The production ofAirPower ofApple will soon go into production. After a tumultuous journey, the wireless charger de la Pomme should finally see the light of day this year.

According to the Hong Kong website CharerLAB, the Chinese manufacturer Luxshare Precision started production of AirPower. The site says that the Cupertino wireless charger ” would be available soon ” To note that Luxshare Precision already takes care of the production of AirPods and Lightning to USB-C cables.

airpower - Apple's AirPower wireless charger to go into production

According to another source, the subcontractor Pegatron (one of the main iPhone assemblers) would be ready to follow the movement by starting volume production from January 21. One of the subcontractor’s employees confirms that the AirPower contains three layers of coils with an 8-7-7 configuration, to ensure wireless charging of various Apple devices.

In addition, Bloomberg had already announced that Pegatron would be the partner of the American firm for AirPower. It is therefore possible that Luxshare Precision takes care of supplying the components while Pegatron takes care of the assembly.

As a reminder, Apple presented its AirPower wireless charging base in 2017. It is a device that can charge up to three separate devices (iPhone, Apple Watch, AidPods, etc.) by simply placing them on its surface. .