Apple's 1st quarter 2019 results: -15% for the iPhone

Apple's 1st quarter 2019 results: -15% for the iPhone

Apple NewsIt was expected, very expected even: the first results of fiscal year 2019 have just fallen (so fourth quarter 2018), and it is Apple itself that makes the announcement.

Not surprisingly, iPhone sales are down compared to the previous year, but … for the rest, the Apple may have a small smile.

q1 2019

first quarter 2019 results: -15% for liphone

This is a very important time for Apple, and for other manufacturers, since we are talking about Christmas holidays and therefore the purchase of many new products.

On the revenue side, revenue of $ 84.3 billion (net income of $ 19.97 billion) is up from $ 88.3 billion in 2017 (net income of $ 20.07 billion). , a decrease of 4.53%. A first for Apple, which had not declined in this period since 2001.

In detail, here is what gives:

  • iPhone: $ 52 billion in revenue (-15%)
  • iPad: $ 6.73 billion in revenue (+ 17%)
  • Mac: 7.42 billion dollars (+ 9%)
  • Apple Watch and accessories: $ 7.31 billion (+ 33%)
  • Services: $ 10.88 billion (+ 19%)

For the current quarter and therefore the future revenues, Apple thinks to be between 55 and 59 billion dollars.

Edit: Tim recognizes that tariffs are high and will drop the iPhone in some countries