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Apple wouldn’t make money on HomePod and Apple TV

homepod apple tv - Apple ne gagnerait pas d

homepod apple tv - Apple ne gagnerait pas d

Apple, a good samaritan? According to the generally well informed John Gruber, which publishes the site Daring Fireball (5 million unique visitors per month), the Cupertino company would sell the HomePod at a loss and theApple tv at cost price. In short, Apple would make almost no profit on these two products.

homepod apple tv - Apple wouldn't make money on HomePod and Apple TV

One thing I heard from a reliable little bird is that Apple sells the Apple TV at cost. It is really a 180 dollar box. And you say to yourself, wow this is incredible, it has an A10 processor which we know is very fast and it has crazy graphics performance “Said the blogger in one of his latest podcasts. And to add: ” I heard the same thing about HomePod. Why is HomePod so much more expensive than these other speakers you can talk to? I have reason to believe that Apple is selling it at a loss. I can’t prove it. I don’t think it’s a big loss

In an article by Bloomberg, TechInsights estimates the cost of manufacturing the HomePod at $ 216. While it is sold € 349 in France. And still according to John Gruber, the AirPods also would bring almost nothing to the tech giant. With the recent announcement by Tim Cook, who said he wanted to lower the price of Apple products, we would almost be worried about the brand …