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Apple would test prototypes of iPhone with 3.9 "screen

Apple would test prototypes of iPhone with 3.9 "screen

according to 9to5mac, Apple is currently testing several prototypes of the iPhone, which is said to have a 3.9 ″ Retina display and a new display resolution.

left, an iPhone 5 mockup with 3.9 "notch. right, iPhone 4 with its 3.5" notch.

The start of production of the new iPhone should start in three months. Meanwhile, Apple is still testing prototypes of the future generation of its smartphone. Indeed, 9to5mac claims to have obtained reliable information according to which the Cupertino company recently distributed two kinds of prototypes of the future iPhone to a few employees. The latter are currently testing them on the Cupertino campus. And so that the tests take place as discreetly as possible, these prototypes would be hidden in shells specially designed to camouflage the design of these devices and therefore also avoid as much as possible to relive the situation of 2010 where a prototype iPhone 4 had been gar at a bar in Redwood, Calif., to Apple's great frustration.

3.95 ″ Retina display specially supported by iOS 6.

What's new to learn through these new prototypes? Listed under the following code names “N41AP” (5.1) and “N42AP” (5.2), these two prototypes would have a new Retina display of 3.95 ″. The display resolution would go from 640 x 960 pixels to 640 x 1136 pixels. A gain of 176 pixels in height which would allow almost to reach the 16: 9 format and therefore to be able to play movies in full screen mode! This new screen, specially supported by iOS 6, would also provide an additional line of application icons. The home screen of the future iPhone would thus pass 5 lines of application icons, apart from the "dock" line.

The next iPhone wouldn't be bigger.

While the screen for the next iPhone should be larger, the size of the device should not be changed. At least in length and height, since the size of the new notch would crop the top and bottom parts of the device. So the “Home” button should now take place in a much smaller space.

A new, smaller dock connector.

It's been about 10 years since Apple introduced its dock connectors that can be found on all iDevices, from the iPhone to the iPod. The great story will end soon however since the company is testing on its prototypes a new connector system, smaller, which would be neither a Micro-USB, deemed too slow, nor Thunderbolt technology. According to the same source, the iPhone 5 could be the first device to have such a connector. It is not yet known whether the loading would necessarily be faster, but what is certain is that the connector will necessarily take up less space.

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