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Apple would stimulate the brain as a religion

Apple would stimulate the brain as a religion

In a documentary broadcast by the BBC (United Kingdom), scientists say that the brains of Apple fans are stimulated by the image of the apple brand as much as a religion. Investigation.


This is not the first time that we hear that some people devote a real “cult” to Apple’s products or rather the image it conveys through its brand. However, the fact that the brains of aficionados may be stimulated by the Cupertino company, it is a first.

In the documentary titled “Secrets of the Superbrands” (or The Secrets of the Super Brands) produced and recently broadcast by the BBC, journalists looked at brands linked to the technology sector such as Apple, Facebook and Twitter which have acquired a standard succeeds at lightning speed and is now part of the lives of millions of people.

In the first part, the journalist and presenter Alex Riley questions the ability of these companies to make people so emotional. He thus presents images of the opening of the Apple Store in Covent Garden, last year in London, where we can see a hordes of passionate people of the apple brand crowd in front of the sign and queue up many hours before being able to come out of it ecstatic as if they had undergone some relief comparable to a “vanglic delire” as suggested by Riley who decided to deepen his investigation by looking… inside the head of an enthusiast of the Apple brand to see if there was anything special going on.

The brain of an Apple fan who reacts in a different way …

To get there, Riley contacted the editor of World of Apple, Alex Brooks, an Apple worshiper who claims to think and live through the “24 hours a day” brand. Brooks agreed to take on the challenge of being looked at more closely by a team of neuroscientists who examined his brain through images obtained by MRI (images obtained by magnetic resonance). According to neuroscientists, the analysis reveals that there are differences noted in the reactions of the "patient" when he was told the brand names of certain products and more particularly when it was the apple brand. These same neuroscientists – who have already had the same test performed on a religious person – believe that the MRI analysis of the editor of World of apple is quite comparable with the religious person in the sense that the motions raised are identical.

The Apple Store in Covent Garden (UK) compares a church.

For one of these neuroscientists, you don't have to look very far, "This analysis suggests that the big brands have exploited – or still exploit – the areas of the brain that evolve in the same way as a religion". Questioned on the subject, Bishop of Buckingham, who reads the Bible on an iPad, indicates in the documentary that the Apple Store in Covent Garden contains many elements of religious imagery: stone floors, arches, altars (on which there are Apple products) . And of course, the documentary does not fail to note a passage on the former boss of Apple, Steve Jobs, where he is described, no more and no less, as "Messiah"

In addition, in a part of the documentary devoted to Facebook and “its growth standard achieved in just a few years”, Riley wonders about the fact that “Like Apple, mobile phones and social media alleviate our basic need to communicate. And it is by tapping into our basic needs (such as rumors, religion or sex) that these brands have taken "control" of the world at lightning speed " and this is how he concludes, "All this does not mean that the marketing intelligence and the brilliance of the technical innovation that these companies will offer is crucial to success. On the other hand, if they are not able to offer a service which is of potential interest for each of the 6.9 billion human beings on the plant, they will never succeed in becoming a super brand in the field of technology. . "

In your opinion, can Apple be qualified as a brand comparable to a religion?

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