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Apple would start creating 3D avatars

Apple would start creating 3D avatars

Apple has reportedly filed a new patent for the creation of custom Avatars on iOS. The application would be designed to be associated with the Game Center iOS and is very clearly part of an expansion plan to multiplayer on the App Store.

As can be seen in the image, it would be possible to customize a whole series of elements, ranging from the color of the character's accessories to his face, including the decorative elements to associate. Everything should be done entirely in 3D, the image of Miis on Wii or Avatars on Xbox 360, with the ambition of creating a large online community. The players would therefore be represented in 3D with the created avatars, which would have the advantage of making the profiles of the players significantly more human.

The patent would have been introduced in the 3rd quarter of 2010 and would have been integrated into the pre-versions of iOS 4.0 before Apple changed its mind. It is very likely that avatars made in Apple will resurface in the more or less near future.

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[Source: 9to5mac]