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Apple would produce 75 million iPhone XI / 11

New iPhone XI: a photo block of the same color?

iphone xi iphone 11 iconThe production of iPhone 2019, the famous iPhone XI sometimes called iPhone 11, will start. We were talking about it yesterday, this time it is Bloomberg which ensures that the apple has planned to produce up to 75 million copies of the new models in the second half of 2019.

The same amount as the iPhone XR and XS

If the number does not speak to you, it is enough to compare the production of the iPhone 2018 the same time last year. Apple then produced between 70 and 80 million new models, which is therefore consistent with the 75 million this year. Apple does not seem to have planned an explosion in sales, certainly aware that its iPhone 11 will have few differentiating new features. It was recalled at the beginning of the week that the iPhone XI and XI Max would have a triple photo sensor including a Smart Frame function, while the iPhone XIR would pass two sensors. The rest shared by the three with a Taptic engine revised to replace 3D Touch entirely, an A13 chip and that's about it.

In the event of commercial madness, the subcontractors have already planned to be able to increase the rate and reach the 80 million iPhone 2019.

This is why Foxconn is currently recruiting, by offering a salary 10% higher than last year.

In any case, if Apple expects the same amount of production, we imagine what hope to sell more. The XR and especially XS are still in stock in unusual proportions, it will take more than these three novelties to crack customers. How about a significant price reduction Tim? Going back under 1000 for the iPhone XI and under 700 for the XIR seems obvious, especially since the costs are largely amortized from the iPhone X.

iphone xi or iiphone xi max iphone 11