Apple would pay 420 million euros in Nokia royalties?

Apple would pay 420 million euros in Nokia royalties?

Earlier this week, Nokia announced having obtained an agreement which enabled him to obtain a license fee payment from Apple on mobile patents. While the transaction amount has not been disclosed, analysts today are trying to guess this amount based on precedents.

The world leader in mobile telephony, the Finnish Nokia, has been waging a battle with Apple since 2009 over patents for mobile technologies. The latter ended on Monday, June 14, when Nokia announced that it had reached an agreement with Apple which finally agreed to pay license fees to the Finnish group.

If the two companies have not revealed the details of the agreement or the amount of fees to be paid by the Cupertino group, Kai Korschelt, analyst at Deutsche Bank, has offered to offer an estimate based on the resolution similar previous cases, in particular the litigation which had opposed in 2006 NTP Research in Motion (RIM) on the push mail and which had led this last to pay not less than 612 million dollars.

Starting from this base and examining other cases, the analyst estimates that Apple could pay 420 million euros in license fees related to the 110 million iPhone dj couls, with a rate of 1% of the average price of the mobile device.

If Apple will already "get in order" with respect to sales of iPhone dj flows, the latter will nevertheless continue a quarterly payment of 95 million euros, still under this agreement with Nokia.

While one might think that "this boost" from Cupertino could help Nokia while it is going through a difficult period, observers consider that they do not fundamentally change the rather pessimistic long-term outlook.

The last chance for Nokia will undoubtedly be the passage of its ranges of Windows Phone smartphones whose transition is expected next year.

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(Source: ZDNet )