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Apple would not pay “Today at Apple” stakeholders


Posted: March 19 2019
Updated: March 18, 2019

by Steve

Apple, bad payer? According to multiple sources, the apple brand would not pay salaries to many of the session’s artist partners ” Today at Apple ” As a reminder, the program allows customers to attend photography, editing or coding lessons given by leading professionals in the trade. Rather than pay them hard and cold money, the Cupertino company would offer artists to choose between three Apple products. And not the most expensive…

The products offered? Of AirPods, a Apple TV or a Apple Watch Series 3. Accessories sold between 180 and 300 €. The case was revealed by the public radio station in San Francisco, KQED, who interviewed 11 artists who had not been paid for their workshops organized at the Union Store Apple Store.

sessions today at apple - Apple would not pay program participants

As a reminder, Apple had already made a similar move during the contest ” Shot on iPhone Who selected the best photos of iPhone users to promote the apple phone. The Californian company did not intend to pay photographers rights at the time, but social networks changed the situation, forcing Apple to reward them.

Organized worldwide, the sessions “ Today at Apple »Highlight many artists. This puts pressure on the latter, who thus dare not claim a salary.