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Apple would like to keep the name “iPhone 7” for 2017

iphone 7 rumeurs - Apple souhaiterait garder le nom

iphone 7 rumeurs - Apple souhaiterait garder le nom


Posted: June 27 2016
Updated: June 27, 2016

by benjamin

The future Apple iPhone continues to have its share of daily rumors and some of them are sure to amaze fans of the brand. After having had confirmation of the design of the iPhone 7, we are now informed that it could ultimately not bear this name…

iPhone 7 rumors - Apple would like to keep the name Indeed, according to the information disclosed by the site VentureBeat, the apple company would like to follow a cycle with major updates of three years and thus keep the name of iPhone 7 for its future smatphone of 2017. The Apple phone of this year could therefore be called iPhone 6 SE ( iPhone 6 SE Plus for the 5.5 inch version) or iPhone 6 Pro (iPhone 6 Pro Plus). It also seems quite logical since this new iPhone will not offer any significant changes according to the recent corridor noises.

If this rumor is confirmed, the iPhone 7 could therefore be the most innovative Apple smartphone since the iPhone 6, and we are impatiently awaiting its arrival next year. As a reminder, the iPhone of 2017 should have an OLED screen with curved edges and could have a fully tactile Home button. However, nothing is sure yet and only the keynote for next September can tell us more about it.