Apple would have started working on the HomePod ... in 2012

Apple would have started working on the HomePod … in 2012

homepod apple iconThe Apple HomePod will not be released on the date scheduled by the Apple brand. The company has officially confirmed this week.

However, the camera did not come out of a hat a few months ago. According to the information of the day, Apple would work on its smart speaker since 2012.

the homepod being studied since 2012 at Apple?

It is the agency Bloomberg who returns to the genesis of this project, stating that the path was agitated. Since 2012, the project has been killed several times before being resurrected so often.

The final shape of the HomePod has also been the subject of much debate and at one time, it was even expected that this speaker is almost a meter high.

This rather chaotic design would also have played tricks on Apple, since the HomePod was originally thought of as a speaker for listening to music, rather than responding to a multitude of requests orally. As a result, the HomePod will be significantly behind Amazon's Echo in this area, when it will be released early next year.

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