Apple would have eyeed Dropbox

Apple would have eyeed Dropbox

Apple would have been interested in buying Dropbox a few months ago to the point of making an offer which was ultimately declined.

according to Business Insider, Apple eyeed Dropbox several months ago and offered to buy the company for $ 800 million. A non-negligible proposition for the company, which specializes in online file storage, is expected to make $ 100 million in sales this year, analysts said. However, the latter preferred to decline Apple's offer. A choice that could astonish more than one but when we learn that the company located in Silicon Valley has succeeded in convincing investors to raise funds for more than 4 billion dollars, we understand better than the offer from Apple – who may have seemed realistic – could not convince.

The question is now knowing what the Cupertino company could have done with this online storage technology when it is about to launch its iCloud service which is ultimately based on the same concept?

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(Via Business Insider )