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Apple would have bought Facehift, a specialist in facial motion capture

faceshift motion capture - Apple aurait racheté Faceshift, spécialiste de la motion-capture faciale

faceshift motion capture - Apple aurait racheté Faceshift, spécialiste de la motion-capture faciale


Posted: September 15 2015
Updated: September 15, 2015

by Mehdi

Sometimes, Apple acquires a few start-ups newly established in their respective environments, in order to make them thrive within its ecosystem and take full advantage of it. Apple now buys in all areas: in the audiovisual sector as in home automation, or even watchmaking. And the latest acquisition is that of Faceshift, a company specialized in motion-capture facial. We have not yet had official confirmation from the buyer, but several tracks seem to confirm this information.

According to a report MacRumors, the employees (or ex-employees it seems) of Faceshift were silent on the radio about this takeover when they were questioned by the source. Obviously, the Californian firm wishes to cultivate doubt, for no apparent reason. However, some clues betray it, such as the profiles LinkedIn of these same employees. Indeed, most of them indicate that they are looking for new professional opportunities. Hard to believe in a simple coincidence …

faceshift motion capture - Apple would have bought Faceshift, a specialist in facial motion captureOn the other hand, the cabinet Baker & McKenzie’s, in charge of Apple’s activities in Switzerland, supervised this transfer of property and replaced the board of directors of the firm bought. It is therefore once again a much more than plausible hypothesis that we advance MacRumors.

By definition, motion-capture is a technology used to reconstruct a movement in 3D. In other words, this is the principle on which the Kinect of Microsoft. But in the case of Faceshift, the proposed use is much more precise: this is the reconstruction of faces in three dimensions. This brings us to the following question: what will be the projects of the American brand after this operation?