Apple - A13 Bionic

Apple would fluff new startups from former employees

Apple is currently facing a lawsuit with its former chip chief, Gerard Williams II. Williams said in a recent hearing that Apple had recruited employees for its new startup Nuvia for fluff the creation of new technologies and solutions by a new company… .

Apple - A13 Bionic

Williams left Apple last year after being brand new as chief designer of the A-series chips division last fall, we learned that his new startup, Nuvia, was focused on producing chips for large data centers in order to offer more efficiency and security than existing products.

In December Apple sued Williams for accusing him of planning his new business while working at Apple and urging some employees to leave the company to work for Nuvia.

Bloomberg reports that Williams said Apple wanted to boycott its startup. To add that reason was an attempt stifle the creation of new technologies and new business solutions and reduce the freedom of entrepreneurs to seek more meaningful employment .

The California glove seeks to dissuade its employees from even making preliminary plans to create a new business, regardless of whether it can compete with Apple in any way, or whether it is a business of another type.

It will likely take some time before the verdict is pronounced, but regardless of the outcome, a lawyer said the sentence would be "revolutionary".