Apple would also protect the keyboard from dust

Last week, Apple introduced its new 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. They are equipped with a keyboard that uses the butterfly mechanism for the keys, but with the promise of being quieter.

Apple, on the other hand, did not mention the addition of dust protection on the keys, and even hinted at The Verge that nothing specific had been done at this level with its new generation of keyboard.

However, by dismantling the new MacBook Pro, iFixit found that Apple added a silicone membrane to protect the butterfly mechanism of the keyboard keys. It would a priori indeed be a measure against dust and other impurities (in addition to the noise reduction measure).

The first generation of the butterfly mechanism was introduced with the MacBook of 2015. This new approach compared to the classic chisel mechanism brings greater finesse and stability, fewer parts for assembly.

Apple-key-keyboard-mechanism-butterflyChisel (left) and butterfly (right) mechanism

However, some users have complained about reliability issues, such as key locks with simple dust.

Apple has acknowledged that " low percentage of keyboards of certain models of MacBook or MacBook Pro "may have one or more issues. A free keyboard repair program was launched last month.