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Apple would abandon its butterfly keyboards, sources of problems


Posted: July 5 2019
Updated: July 5, 2019

by Steve

For some time, the apple brand has received many criticisms of its material. The fault with a technology which does not seem really controlled: the butterfly keyboard. As a reminder, the butterfly keyboard, which equips the latest generations of Macbook in particular, has some concerns with some users: the keys are blocked, or even broken … If it is responsible for the finesse of our current Macbooks, the butterfly keyboard does not however appeal to everyone. According to many analysts, the butterfly keyboard is even responsible for the decline in Macbook sales!

Speaking of analysts, the most famous of them, Ming Chi Kuo, generally knowledgeable on all matters Apple, said the Californian firm would abandon these butterfly keyboards in favor of keyboards fitted with scissor mechanisms. Simpler, but also more effective.

This change would occur when the next generation of MacBook Air is launched. It would generalize across the entire Macbook Pro range from 2020. After much research, Apple would still retain the strengths of the butterfly keyboard, which offered a balanced typing for example, while avoiding its hardware concerns. Especially since the scissor keyboards would be cheaper to produce. We reassure you, however, Apple will probably not lower its prices.