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Apple works to make screens more private

Apple works to make screens more private

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (United States Patent and Trademark Office) recently revealed a patent filed by Apple relating to technology capable of rendering screen display private.

Developed by David Gere working as an engineer at Apple, it would in fact be a new feature called “Systems and methods for electronic control of the viewing angle of a screen”, which once activated, would orient the beams bright display of the screen in different directions, so that the user of an iPhone, iPod or iPad or even a computer, is the only one able to access the display of the screen of his device.

The patent describes that the user would only have to touch a corner of his screen to access the parameters of the functionality and therefore to choose the desired viewing angle. A feature that could prove essential for all people who are used to having access to sensitive and / or confidential data from their device.

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