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Apple works on keyboards in which each key is equipped with a screen

Apple has filed a patent which describes a keyboard in which each key is equipped with a screen. The interest? Being able to modify the layout and even the characters at will according to your needs, without having to reconfigure the whole.

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While we know that Apple is working on a foldable screen, the firm does not stop at this known technology and rather prefers to look for new ways to innovate. Mission successful with his latest patent, which describes a keyboard equipped with screens for each key. To explain the interest of his invention, the manufacturer explains that each keyboard has “labels” to help the user identify the keys, namely letters, numbers, special characters, etc.

Sometimes the computer owner may want reconfigure these labels to adapt them to their needs, particularly in terms of language or specific use such as gaming. However, the keyboard does not present for the time no visual feedback to indicate the change. So that’s exactly what Apple is trying to do with its invention. Thanks to a diode placed under the button, it can display the selected label, or even allow it to be modified directly using an external device.

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Will future MacBook keyboards be customizable?

In this way, the user could switch from one first configuration to another in an instant, while his keyboard will display the characters corresponding to each key. The modification will be done instantly thanks to the integrated electric circuit. The keys, meanwhile, are said to be made from glass, ceramic, polymer and different mixtures of metals.

Apple patent keyboards with screens

As the project is still at the patent stage for the moment, it is not yet known whether the technology will be implemented on future MacBooks. Nevertheless, there is new proof of Apple’s interest in this computer component, which has already been the subject of improvements, notably with the addition of the Touch Bar. As such, the 2021 MacBook Pros would have a pressure sensitive Touch Bar, if another patent recently filed by the manufacturer is to be believed.

Source: Patently Apple