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Apple works more security in case of iPhone theft

Apple works more security in case of iPhone theft

Apple is actively working to make the “Find My iPhone” functionality even more secure. Thus, it would be possible to erase specific information and distance, or even to record a voice or video message which would be displayed on the iPhone screen in the event of loss or theft.

These future additions to the “Locate my iPhone” functionality are appearing in a patent filed by Apple Inc. and made public this week under the heading “Proactive security for mobile devices” to allow these more flexible and more secure remote controls of your iPhone. .

Instead of requesting the complete erasure of your iPhone (which would subsequently prevent its location), you could, for example, request the complete erasure of your emails, contacts and calls made so that you can keep in touch with your iPhone and continue to locate the latter. You can also specify the features that can be used by the person who has stored your iPhone. The latter will also be able to automatically erase stored passwords for Wi-Fi networks, web pages, as well as VPN connection data and block access to applications installed from the App Store.

This would make it possible to force the iPhone to continue locating and prevent the illegitimate owner from turning off location data.

Another example is, when 3 incorrect passwords have been entered, to unlock the iPhone, send the GPS position of the smartphone since this is abnormal behavior for the machine. A message would appear on the screen to force the person to call the legitimate owner of the smartphone.

These options and new features proposed in this patent for "Find my iPhone" are much more flexible than the current functions which only allow you to lock the iPhone remotely, send a message, locate it and / or erase it completely. In addition, the complete erasure of the device therefore requires, in case the iPhone is found, to restore it and reinstall everything, which selective deletion would prevent.

Apple’s iCloud service should be widely leveraged with deep integration into iOS. There is no doubt that Apple still has surprises in store for iOS 5.

Do you think these new features proposed in the patent “Proactive security for mobile devices” would be useful to you?

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