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Apple workers would get free apps

Apple workers would get free apps

Employees of Apple Store could get free apps hand-picked by Apple. It could however be the same applications installed in the demonstration devices in the shops of the American glove.


According to the site 9to5mac, Apple is currently working on implementing a new procedure so that employees of Apple Store can benefit from free applications to download and install on their own device (s) under iOS. Concretely, if an employee wishes to benefit from a paid application on the App Store, the latter will make the request via the site reserved for Apple staff. Subsequently, Apple will send him a code to obtain the application without paying a single penny.

However, Apple personnel could not have access to the huge catalog of applications in the App Store (more than 750,000 applications) but only applications hand-picked by Apple. It would therefore not be surprising that these could be applications that can already be found in the display devices that adorn the tables of Apple Stores. If the gesture seems all the same sympathetic – it is always better than nothing -, this last one would especially allow the personnel of Apple Store to familiarize themselves with these applications to make a better demonstration of them during their working hours …

According to the same source, this operation concerns only the App Store and not yet the Mac App Store.

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