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Apple Won't Get Multi-Touch Mark

Apple Won't Get Multi-Touch Mark

Apple wants to register the term "Multi-Touch" as its own brand, arguing that the name is strongly linked to the commercial success of the iPhone. The request was ultimately rejected by the USPTO.

According to the MacRumors site, Apple has been trying to obtain this term since 2007, and this, on several occasions. As of 2010, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) considered at first instance that the American glove had not brought enough evidence to justify the propriety of the term "Mutli-Touch". Judgment for which Apple has directly appealed.

Unsuccessful because the USPTO again rejected the request, arguing that the term was too generic and could represent many other touch technology devices such as Android phones, tablets and laptops.

The USPTO also points to the fact that Apple has not used the term "Multi-Touch" on its products or even its packaging.

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(Source: MacRumors | FHG. (St.))