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Apple withdraws the Jewish or non-Jewish app in France

Apple announced that it had withdrawn from sale in France the Jewish or non-Jewish application, which caused scandal in the country. VSthis application goes against local legislation and is no longer available on the Apple Store in France , Apple spokesman Tom Numayr said. Sold 79 cents for a month, this application offered a list of 3,500 personalities of Jewish origin or religion, and had aroused the indignation of anti-racist associations and young people of the Socialist Party.

Lists for you, thousands of Jewish personalities (by their mother), half Jewish (by their father), or converted , promised Johann Levy, linguist the origin of this application, in his description on the Apple Store site. I am a Jew myself. The goal was just to give the Jews a sense of pride when they see that such a businessman or a famous person is also Jewish , Mr. AFLY, who calls himself a Briton living in Marseille, told AFP on the phone.

Among many negative reactions, the president of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (Crif), Richard Prasquier, had declared the AFP that this application was totally contrary to the rules of our society in France . He was considering a complaint.

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(Source: AFP)