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Apple Wins Trial, May Keep iPad Mark


Posted: April 5 2019
Updated: April 4, 2019

by Steve

Apple is regularly mired in often absurd lawsuits. After fighting for months against Qualcomm for a story of patent infringements and technology thefts, the apple brand recently suffered the complaint of the Swedish streaming giant Spotify because it would have taken advantage of its dominant position to effect unfair competition. Today, Apple had to deal with the platform’s complaint RXDbehind the platform, who believed that the brand iPad belonged to him. Apple lawyers have an interest in having a solid back.

ipad RXD - Apple Wins Lawsuit, May Keep iPad Mark

It was a case that lasted seven years. But justice has recently decided through district judge Liam O’Grady. He claims that the RDX iPad “ is simply descriptive of the services “From the complainant, and that there is virtually no likelihood of confusion between the two marks. After all, who knows

RDX did not provide any evidence showing that its mark could be considered as the iPad standalone mark and not as the composite mark. Since RDX does not have priority over iPad trademark rights, it cannot impose trademark rights against the accused “, Concluded the judge in his file. On the other hand, he convicted RXD of having infringed the Apple iPad brand! ” There is no doubt about the offense For Justice O’Grady. The sprinkler watered. Apple could therefore very well file a complaint against RXD.