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Apple wins lawsuit against HTC

Apple wins lawsuit against HTC

Apple finally managed to win a lawsuit against HTC, which will be banned from selling Android smartphones concerned by the patent infringement on American soil from April 19.

This is a first victory for Apple, which will ultimately not have a very big impact on HTC, but which has the merit of proving that the American company can also succeed in court.

The patent infringement in question here concerns “structured data which the program recognizes and which can then be used”. Concretely, this is information that can be found for example in an email sent, with the telephone number directly usable via the call interface.

HTC will therefore be banned from using this type of data, and all Android smartphones that use it after April 19 will be banned from sale in the United States. For its part, HTC already has the news by stating that it has been ready for a long time. We imagine that this victory is in the end only a small mosquito bite that will not have a big impact on the other glove, except for a few small code changes.

Source: Fosspatents

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