Apple will use Intel modems in some versions

iPhone 7 caseIf the main stakeholders do not say a word, the rumor of the presence of a Intel modem in a part of the future iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, in place of the usual modems provided by Qualcomm for several years now, is clarified with a new confirmation brought by Bloomberg.

According to his information, an Intel modem will be present in the iPhone distributed by the US operator AT&T and by some other partners around the world.

On the other hand, those intended for the US operator Verizon will continue to use Qualcomm modems, as well as the iPhones offered on the chinese market, which should allow the latter to keep a large part of the supply of modems.

Failing to have been able to break into mobile processors, Intel finds in 4G modems a precious outlet by getting closer to Apple and the recognition of the quality of its products, after having bought the wireless division of Infineon … which supplied the 3G modems of the iPhone in its beginnings.

The arrival of Intel extends the strategy of supplier diversification implemented by the Cupertino group for several years, diluting the risk of shortage or failure of critical components of its mobile devices.