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Apple will have to pay $ 439 million VirnetX


The United States Supreme Court dismissed Apple’s claim and confirmed payment of $ 439 million to VirnetX for patent infringement.

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Justices of the United States Supreme Court have denied Apple’s appeal, which asked to review the conviction because it was judged too high. The lawyers for Cupertino had argued that $ 439 million was an "excessively unfair" figure which should be changed on appeal.

Recall that in April 2018, Apple was found guilty of violating four VirnetX patents relating to secure communications and FaceTime, VPN and iMessage.

On the high compensation front, Apple's claim claimed that the damage should be limited to the value of the patented invention, rather than all of the other features of the products in question. In short, the VirnetX price should be based on the value of its patent in the acclaimed products, rather than the total value of an iPhone or Mac.

In this particular case, VirnetX was charged with having used multiple variable rate patent licenses, which were then negotiated to create a jury rate for all Apple products ever sold. These licenses also included certain landline phones, a product category that does not apply to Apple.