Apple Watch Series 6: Foxconn and Compal at the controls of production

Apple Watch Series 6: Foxconn and Compal at the controls of production

icon apple watchAfter the reviews on the bracelets connects, it is now the production of the Apple Watch Series 6 that cho cho. According to the American media Digitimes, it should be managed by Foxconn (the historical partner of Apple) and Compal Electronics. They would have been appointed by the Californian firm to manage the entire production of the Apple Watch Series 6, which should be released next year.

Quanta Computer Arranges Contract with Apple

Normally, Quanta Computer is responsible for producing the Apple Watch. The latest rumors claim that the company would have voluntarily chosen to terminate its contract with Apple, because producing the Apple Watch would not be really interesting in terms of profits. Quanta would also have made the decision to sell its factory in China which was dedicated to the Apple Watch. Proof that the page is running well …

foxconn robot

Suddenly, to replace this subcontractor, the Californian firm would have chosen its partner of the very first time Foxconn and Compal Electronics which already proved itself in the past. The two companies have signed the agreement quite recently and will be ready as soon as Apple gives the order to start production!

In terms of rumors around the Apple Watch 6, we have little information for now. We just know that Apple's ambition is to integrate optical sensors that would check its blood glucose level and perhaps include technology in the wristbands of the watch.