Apple Watch reports new fall detection in England

Apple Watch reports new fall detection in England

icon apple watchDefinitely, the watch seems to be a real guardian angel for its carriers: it is not the anecdotes and articles that are missing around the use of the Apple Watch in a dangerous situation, even catastrophic …

This is again the case with a little story shared on the social networks by the relief of Surrey, England. These tell the story of an accident that could have taken long hours to discover without the beautiful features that the watch brings.

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Apple Watch reports accident to Surrey rescue

With the presentation of the Apple Watch 4, the Apple has revealed a new feature: the detection of fall. The latter, as a reminder, "detects a large and brutal fall, puts a vibration and alarm tone and displays an alert message.You can choose to contact the emergency services or ignore the alert by pressing the Digital Crown, by touching Close in langle upper left or the message I'm fine.

This is exactly the misadventure encountered by a resident of the region, involved in a collision following a loss of consciousness. The watch then sent an emergency alert and GPS coordinates, allowing ambulances to react quickly …

So, under the initial tweet, the Surrey helpers explain how to set the feature and the health card on the device.