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Apple Watch may soon measure blood pressure

Apple would like to make the Apple Watch blood pressure sensors. A new patent describes how a simple rudimentary pressure sensor associated with “Correction factors”, probably a veiled way of talking about artificial intelligence, would allow measurements as reliable as with more bulky equipment.

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Smartwatches are primarily a remote screen for your smartphone. They display useful information so you don’t have to take your smartphone out of your pocket. In addition to that, they ensure better monitoring of your fitness activities (walking, running, cycling, monitoring training programs, etc.) – and are increasingly equipped with health monitoring functions.

From this point of view, the Apple Watches are the most complete watches in 2021. However, they are mainly content to extrapolate data from an optical heart rate sensor, and an electroencephalogram sensor on Series 4 and later. While offering fall detection for the elderly.

Apple Watch could become the best blood pressure sensor on the market

By compiling this data the Apple Watch can alert the user if their heart rate is too high or too low. This can allow her to make a doctor’s appointment on time. Before the arrival of these smartwatches, measuring the pulse was not necessarily something everyday in healthy people.

However, we know that Apple wants to make its watches even more useful for health. The firm has been working for some time on sensors for glycemia (blood sugar levels), or oxygen, but a new patent describes another potentially very useful feature: blood pressure measurement. Until now, to make this measurement, a special tool was required, consisting of a strip and sometimes an automated sensor.

The tape applies precise pressure to the patient’s arm, then the doctor listens to the pulse, to know from what pressure the blood is flowing back through the veins. This measurement is often automated by a sensor. But the current devices are far too large to hope to integrate it into an Apple Watch. This is where a new Apple patent comes in.

This describes a system for measuring blood pressure based on “One or more sensors”, whose data would be “Adjusted through one or more correction factors”. These famous “Correction factors” actually seem to describe a suitable model of machine learning. As has been demonstrated in many fields, artificial intelligence can be trained to interpret incomplete data to derive something reliable from it.

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This would allow Apple to rely on rudimentary sensors to achieve a measurement that remains precise. Apple adds “The use of one or more correction factors could allow more compact, convenient and / or accurate blood pressure measurements than current devices and methods. In particular, smaller devices worn on the wrist would be provided, which could facilitate frequent and accurate blood pressure measurements ”.

Apple Watch blood pressure

Source: AppleWorld