Apple Watch Hermes, you will not be able to pretend ...

Apple Watch Hermes, you will not be able to pretend …

luxury-fashion-fendi-louis-vui ipa iphone ipadOn sale since October 5, 2015 in Hermès partner stores, the watch of Apple continues to stand out from the competition thanks to exclusive models or specific partnerships (like Nike or Colette).

Although the gold model was abandoned this year in favor of an exclusive Apple Watch Ceramic 10 times cheaper, Apple has returned the cover, with a partnership that continues and an identical version in all respects, sealing and new bracelets and more, to a small detail ready …


On the occasion of the release of Hermes bracelets on sale individually, a few months ago, we could, if desired, wear an Apple Watch Simili Hermes in every respect (except the Watch Faces ). We then had a Barénia Fauve calf leather strap and a steel model for less than if we bought the Apple Watch Hermès directly.

Let me explain: an Apple Watch steel model starts from 649 € with Sport Bracelet to that we add a simple bracelet Hermes tower to 349 € and the trick was played! You did not of course have the Watch Faces which are determined by the serial number of the watch, which then installs a different firmware on a Hermes version than on a Classic Steel version. We offer you our test of the Apple Watch Hermes.

capture-and-guts-2016-09-10 --- 06.57.25.jpg

However, the brand in the orange stirrup is due to its exclusive high-end image and unfortunately since Tuesday, you can not get the famous brown color called "Fauve" unit, true iconic color and flagship for the brand. If you have not had the chance to see you give it as a gift as Fabrice Luchini, you will have to go to the cashier and pay a minimum of 1349 € with a classic buckle and almost 200 € more for a folding clasp with a Apple Watch 2. The more adventurous will also focus on new versions of Hermes wristbands. But as we always say, luxury has a price.

So, who among you already has one or embarks on a Hermès Series II version to take a bath in New York City at 432 Park Avenue (one of the most expensive real estate in NYC)?