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Apple Watch: handshake data exchange soon?

Apple Watch: handshake data exchange soon?

icon apple watchAmong the patents awarded this week to Apple, one in particular has been widely cited by the trade press.

According to the published documents, Apple is thinking of a new process so that data can be exchanged between two owners of an Apple Watch, simply with a handshake.

an intelligent handshake for the apple watch

Moreover, Apple has not considered the tightening of fluff as the only solution, by mentioning in particular the "fist-pump" where one knocks the fists or a greeting of more Asian style.

If the detail of the information transmitted is not very clear, the patent specifies that this transfer could adapt to the place where is located, to share for example his contacts or his professional calendar when he is at his place of work.

patent watch handle

The intelligent side of this device could also make it possible to share only its information on its social networks with a new interlocutor, without giving him access to his personal data.

If this seems rather interesting at first, still we have to wait to see if Apple will make it official and how.