The Apple Watch has saved lives again! Two new testimonials

Apple Watch: Another life saved thanks to the ECG

icon apple watchThere are countless stories that claim that the Apple Watch has saved the life of a user! The latest story was relayed by the British media The Sun. The Apple Watch of an English family father, sent a warning about irregular heartbeats.

The Apple Watch has detected a heart problem

For him the Apple Watch was mostly a gadget, he did not expect at all what the watch connects from Apple sends him a notification for warn him of an irregular heartbeat.
While Chris Mint 30, is in his daily routine, the Apple Watch comes boulevers his day alerting him to a heartbeat unnatural she had detected, immediately Chris takes the notification seriously and gets closer to the nearest hospital.

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Skeptical doctors when Chris shows alert notification

At the beginning, the doctors were not convinced when Chris explained to them that his Apple Watch had alerted him to a heart rhythm problem. After several tests the hospital with more specialized machines, doctors are surprised ! Apple's connected watch had found a problem. The case of the British pre is immediately taken seriously. Doctors submitted Chris a corrective cardiac procedure to avoid a serious accident like a cerebral vascular accident or a heart attack.

The hospital's doctors confirmed that if Chris Mint had not had the Apple Watch his wrist, he could have been the victim of a serious accident that would have changed him forever or that would cost him his life.

Specialists detect what prompted Apple Watch to trigger alert

The origin of Chris Mint's abnormal heart rhythm comes from two heart valves that leaked. Chris will have to do a opration.

For Chris, what the Apple Watch did is unbelievable and he has remerci Apple.

I had the watch for about two years before she informed me that I had the symptoms of atrial fibrillation. I did not have the slightest idea that she was able to detect this type of health problem, until the notification that arose in July.

The purchase of this watch was the best idea I had. I am grateful. Really grateful.

Tiffany, the wife of Chris Mint shared this incredible story with Tim Cook, who already receives a lot of similar mail!
Apple's CEO was surprised, answered:

I'm glad your husband has requested treatment and is fine now. Thank you for sharing his story – he makes us go forward.

Still an incredible story that adds to the many lives saved thanks to Apple's watch.

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