apple watch detection chutes 2 L’Apple Watch et la détection des chutes

Apple Watch and fall detection

apple watch fall detection 2 Apple Watch and fall detection

Since Series 4, a feature has appeared. It does not only depend on the version of watchOS, but especially on the hardware. This is the fall detection on the Apple Watch. You can turn this feature on and off. It detects falls, but do you know what happens when you need it?


Fall detection is not available on all watches. You must have :

  • An Apple Watch Series 4, or newer;
  • watchOS 5 minimum;
  • An iPhone compatible with the watchOS version of your watch, i.e. at least an iPhone 5s running iOS 12 for watchOS 5.

1. How fall detection works

When you are in good health, you surely find that detecting falls is good, but without worrying too much about the operation. You will agree that it is not when you need it that you should worry. Kind of like the emergency call that we're going to talk about a bit. Take the lead, educate yourself to have less stress on the day you need it.

1.1. The trigger

The more physically active you are, the more likely you are to have a false alarm. This is why, by default, it is only active for people over 65 years of age. Rest assured, she learns over time.

It is very difficult to initiate fall detection voluntarily. Indeed, you must strike a solid surface. So, at the end of the day, you can still drop on your sofa to relax without risking activating the alarm.

1.2. I fall and can't move or I'm unconscious

There are several stages in a fall. The goal is to call for help if you need it. The automatic call starts early enough not to leave you too long without help, but not too early for you to reach it.

When you fall, actually:

1.2.1. A alarm goes off.

apple watch fall detection alert Apple Watch and fall detection

Without movement on your part for a minute, the next step starts.

1.2.2. Your watch will start to sound more and more powerful and vibrate. This can have 2 objectives: allow you to regain consciousness or attract the attention of people close to you and locate you. This alarm lasts 30 seconds.

1.2.3. Spend this time, a countdown begins. You or the person nearby can cancel it.

1.2.4. If it is not canceled, the Apple Watch will send an SMS to the emergency contact persons you have indicated in your medical file.1.2.5. At the same time, it will automatically call for help : emergency call.

Unable to discuss, it is a audio message which will loop indicating your fall and your GPS coordinates. The message will be broadcast a first time with the sound at its maximum and then decrease.1.2.7. On the watch, you can Stop recorded message or wait for the caller to end the call.

1.3. I'm fine

The Apple Watch has it all covered. Indeed, the alert can be triggered wrongly. You may also have suffered a fall, but without consequence (or at least, not needing emergencies).

As soon as a fall is detected, an alarm asks you Did you fall? . If you are aware, you can then drag the cursor to launch a Emergency call.

You can choose I'm fine. Then, as appropriate, choose:

  • I'm hushing, but I'm fine in which case the action is well regarded as a fall, but nothing more occurs;
  • I don't hush and your watch will learn as you go to go off for this.

apple watch falls to the apple watch and fall detection

For you, as for learning your Apple Watch, you might as well be honest.

2. Fall directory

All your falls, whether or not they resulted in an emergency call, are recorded. If you answered I don't hush, it is not saved.

To find this history:

2.1. On your iPhone, open Sant ;

2.2. Go longlet Browse > Other data > Number of falls ;

2.3. Note the number of falls;

2.4. Add to favorites to access it from the home page Summary.

iphone LApple Watch number of falls results and fall detection

Good to know : in iOS 12, you will have to open Sant> Donne Sant> Rsults> Number of falls.

3. Activate fall detection

3.1. Wrist detection

To activate fall detection, you need to activate your wrist detection.

This setting is accessible from your iPhone:

3.1.1. Open the application Watch ;

3.1.2. Come on My watch > Coded ;

3.1.3. Activate Wrist detection.

iphone wrist detection LApple Watch and fall detection

But also from your Apple Watch:

3.1.4. Open Settings > Coded ;

3.1.5. Activate Wrist detection.

3.2. Activate or deactivate wrist detection.

apple watch wrist detection LApple Watch and fall detection

If you are over 65, be aware that this option is enabled by default. You must have given your age in the medical form. Age on the contact card or Apple ID is not taken into account.

However, at any time, and at any age, you can choose to turn fall detection on or off on your Apple Watch.

3.2.1. Come on Settings > Emergency call > Fall detection ;

3.2.2. Activate or deactivate Fall detection.

apple watch fall detection LApple Watch and fall detection

Or on your iPhone:

3.2.3. Open the application Watch ;

3.2.4. Come on My watch > Emergency call ;

3.2.5. Activate or deactivate Fall detection.

iphone fall detection LApple Watch and fall detection

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