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Apple Watch: 4 new official guide videos



Capture1 Apple Watch: 4 new official guide videos

Thing promised due, Apple has just released 4 new videos presenting the Apple Watch features, these complete the collection of the 5 videos already the brand with this time an overview of the call, music, maps application and finally Siri features.


Ability to make calls directly from Apple Watch.

Ability to respond using emojis or predetermined messages.

Siri integration.

Music app

Siri compatibility: launch the search for a specific artist.

Ability to transfer playlists from iPhone to Apple Watch from the Apple Watch app for iOS.


Voice activation: “hey Siri”

Launch of iOS applications (what about third-party applications?)


Possibility to consult an address directly from a text message.

Possibility to dictate an address using the microphone.

In total, just over 6 minutes of presentation of the essential functions of the watch, for those who really do not have time to watch 45-minute video tests.



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