Apple Watch 2: the GPS chip yes, the 4G chip no

Apple Watch 3: with iPhone 8 and finer?

apple watch 3 iconThe Apple Watch 3 would be in the cards to believe Digitimes, who advises that the Apple Watch Series 3 would have a new screen technology. The primary goal would be to produce faster with a manufacturer other than TPK Holding, which is unable to keep up with demand for the Apple Watch Series 2 screen.

Then, the new screen technology planned in Apple Watch 3 would refine the device since we would move from a double layer screen to a monolayer.

It’s the Taiwanese manufacturer Biel Crystal Manufactory who would be responsible for the production of these thinner OLED panels.

Finally, this "move" would allow Apple to free up time to TPK to produce OLED screens for the iPhone 8 with integrated sensors. Not crazy the wasp!

Apple Watch 3 release date?

The Digitimes site talks about an exit at the same time as the iPhone 8, so in September / October 2017. We would thus find there an autonomous 4G model, new health sensors and an always-on mode which allows to display the 'hour continuously.

For the record, the Apple Watch Series 2 brought GPS, speed (new S2 processor), water resistance and a brighter screen.

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