apple watch 2

Apple Watch 2: a bigger battery, thanks to a thinner OLED screen?

apple watch 2In recent weeks, almost all the rumors around Apple seemed to only concern the new iPhone.

Thanks to the English site byte, here is some more information about the Apple Watch 2, just a few hours before his presentation on Wednesday.

According to this source, Apple would have found a way to reduce the thickness of the OLED screen by one millimeter. We had already mentioned this info for the new Watch.

It may seem like little, but when you think about the maximum thickness of this piece that was 3.75 millimeters, it is impressive and this should especially allow Apple to add a larger battery with 5.1 millimeters against 3 , 95 millimeters so far.

Unfortunately, this larger battery will not necessarily offer a longer battery life, because the new features of the watch will surely make it more energy.